Latest news Bridge2Aid - our chosen charity. How you can help.
Bridge2Aid - our chosen charity.  How you can help.

The practice has chosen Bridge2Aid as its charity. Three members of our staff have visited rural areas in Tanzania, and spent two weeks as part of a team training local health workers to successfully extract teeth and give oral health advice to the many, many people who have suffered pain for years, which has had a catastophic effect on their lives.

We have a used book sale in the waiting room to raise funds for Bridge2Aid, where you might find a bargain book.

If somebody becomes a patient of our practice as a result of your recommendation, just let us know and we will donate £10 to the charity.

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Join our treatment plan

We are proud and delighted to offer patients our own Bank Cottage Dental Care Plan. Our plan is specifically designed to give peace of mind that your dental treatment is covered by convenient monthly payments and underpinned with Worldwide Supplementary Insurance for Dental Emergencies or Dental Injuries whilst at home or abroad.

Once you are dentally fit we would encourage you to join our plan. For an affordable monthly payment your Dentist will recommend the plan that best reflects your dental health needs.

Please download the brochure to find out more about the Bank Cottage Dental Care Plan. Download brochure

Alternatively, you may choose to pay for treatment as you go in which case you will receive an estimate for any treatment proposed.